Zombie Stormtrooper

I did this Zombie Stormtrooper tattoo recently. I had a blast with this one.


White Trash Polka

Having fun with this stuff...definitely heavily inspired by Volko.


Original Paintings For Sale

I am selling these originals...Contact me if interested. BenRush.TheArtist@gmail.com

5x7 Oils on Wood Panel. $100

5x7 Oils on Wood Panel. $100
8x10 Oils on Canvas Panel. $100

8x10 Oils on Canvas Panel. $100



It has been a really long time since I have updated this blog...so here is some recent work that I have done...



I got tattoo this cool Black Widow the other day... thanks for looking.


Some recent work

Been a while since I posted anything to the Ol' Blog Machine, so here goes..

Frank. 8x10in Oils on Canvas Panel.

Kanji Tattoo that I did recently.

I added some more zodiacs to Dave's leg.

Robin's hibiscus tattoo.

I did these zodiacs around some existing work, and to match another zodiac tattoo.

DOTD skull tattoo that I did recently.

I got to tattoo this Sailor Jerry flash on my friend Justin.

Thanks for looking.

Come get tattooed. 207.778.3043